Monday, May 24, 2010

Office Redo/Organization - Part 2

     This is the second part of the office redo.  I finally finished the bulletin board, it seemed to be a bigger task than what I first thought.  I have a tendency to do that sometimes, sometimes its just hard to reign in all the ideas whirling around in my head.  And its so frustrating when something doesn't come out the way you have it pictured in your head.  I will have a tutorial on how I did it on Wednesday.  Starting this Wednesday I will be featuring Wednesday's Window, a redo of an old window that either I or another creative blogger has come up with.  You can email me or leave me a comment if you have a great idea to repurpose an old window or you have blogged about it. 
     Anyhow here is what my office looks like now, next on the list dealing with all the cords that seem to have multiplied and twisted themselves up.  That would mean crawling on the floor under the desk, unplugging everything, untangling, coming up with a better system and making sure I plug them all back where they should be.  I've read some great ideas out there in blog land but none that seem to solve my problem.  Like I told you before my office is off of my kitchen but it is also right where everyone comes in and out of the house by the back/side door.  So this means lots of dust and dirt so I need to come up with something to bring it up off the floor.  Anyhow that will be another day and another post. 

Made the butterflies out of cardstock and glued them to thumb tacks
To the right of the monitor is shelves that hold bills on the bottom
on the middle shelf I have our gardening journal and notebook with recipes I get off the internet
the top has thumb tacks , and oh the Off clip on thingy
To the right of the monitor is the thing that hold the cords to our ipods, camera, etc that I posted about before.

I found these notepad/mousepad at Michaels in the $1 isle
I thought perfect two birds with one stone
I can keep all my notes from all the great ideas I get in blogland

I made these a while ago and are hanging from the bottom of the window.  I used them to keep papers from school for each child. 
The window probably should have been hung a bit higher. I didn't want them to consume space on the bulletin board so I decided after I hung the window to put them on the bottom. But they are kind of hidded behind the monitor.
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Praise God for YOU!!!
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The Autocrat: Haley said...

Wow! Looks really good! I like your window pane. I have one and I just don't know what to do with it. But I think I might do something like you have! Looks fabulous!

Missy said...

Love it! I love the Happy colors.

Kaysi said...

That looks great!!

Daniel said...

You may want to think about changing your location. That extra work with cleaning is not at all helpful. Besides, having a room all to your own (note: without all those people moving past your desk) may even improve your productivity and focus.

Daniel Todman