Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girlies Birthday Party

So I know its been way too long since my last post yet again.  OH boy have I been busy.  I have started working for a monogramming and embroidery company, Tiny Tulip. Her stuff is sooooo cute you have to check out her site.  It has been a definate adjustment after not working in 15 years.  I'm still getting used to when I'm home and when I'm not home.  I am working two days a week while the boys are at school.  I have some juggling to do this summer but we have also had a nice two week vacation so we will see when I go back on Monday how many plates I can juggle.  lol.

Well the reason for my post is to show you the outfits I made for the twins for their first birthday.  I know right can you believe it, they are one already.  Their mother had sent me links to several things she was thinking about purchasing which were a bit pricey then multiply that times two, it turns to outrageous.  So this is what I came up with.  I bought two white dresses from Children's Place at easter time, $9 each. Then added rosettes and a ruffle to the bottom, added a cupcake and name at Tiny Tulip to the bloomers,, then some bibs, headbands, tshirts and tutus.  They were the best dressed little birthday girlies ever.  Of course I'm very objective,lol.

Zyleigh was not feeling well and wasn't havin it playing dress up so only one twin in the picture. lol

More pictures to come of the rest of the stuff when I figure out how to get them from their mothers facebook page.

I"ll have some pictures of graduation decorations we did for my 5th graders graduation and some other things I have going on.

Praise God for YOU!!!
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