Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Window

    I know you all thought I dropped off the face of the earth.  Well not exactly but summer has just been really busy.  I'd like to say I was off the radar on some tropical island sipping a frozen drink but that's not the case. While my boys were gone I thought I would get all kinds of projects done.  HUH not the case, it was crazy the first week I got caught up on some paperwork for my husbands business and the second week I was in panic mode trying to clean and catch up on laundry.  It wasn't all work and no play I did catch the new Sex In the City movie with an old dear friend.  Mom and I had a great day "junk" shopping,  I'll post my finds tomorrow, they made me very excited.  And my husband and I celebrated our Anniversary in Orlando for some much needed down time.  No Mickey Mouse but we did go to Joe's Crap Shack (which is an experience all in itself), a great dinner show (Sleuth Dinner Show) and went to the Outlet Mall.  Yes my husband acutally endured the day with me at the mall, he's a keeper.  It has been full steam ahead ever since the boys have been back.  We had our niece and two nephews come visit for a little while, which made six kids (five boys, two braindead teenagers, UHOY!)  Then we celebrated my middle son's tenth birthday which seemed to last a whole week.  Yestereday was the first day we just stayed home and had time to catch our breath. 

Well here is the Wednesday's Window you have been waiting for :

 My inpiration was a technique I saw on Make the Best of Things where she made a 3d effect with hot glue that really looked like old tin.  So I thought why not give it a try on a window?

I started with duplicating the lines of this cross that I had hung in my entry way. 

glued the stencils to cardboard cut to fit in each window pane.
 Then applied the hot glue along the lines that I had drawn out.  It takes some patience but overall I think the effect came out quite nice. 
I then spray painted them a metallic, stainless steele color ( same paint I used on the dresser hardware), and topped with a coat of that celery green latex paint I used on the first window project. 

I have a dear friend that collects crosses so this one is for you Sherri! I love you girl cant wait to see you. :)

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Praise God for YOU!!!
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