Monday, March 8, 2010

The Next Step, sewing class

This class is designed to take you to the next level. This is a base course on clothing construction. During the class you will either make a women's basic skirt or girls dress. You will learn to decode a store bought pattern, laying out and cutting your fabric, putting in a zipper and darts. Below is a list of a few patterns that you could use for this project. There are several that are available. The basic things you will be looking for are if it has a zipper and has some sort of pleats or darts.

Cost $50 per person, class size will be limited to available space. 4hr session.

Girls Dress Women's Skirt
Simplicity 9497 Simplicity2410
Simplicity 2683 NewLook 6448
Simplicity 4721
Simplicity 2430
Simplicity 2675
McCalls M5792
McCalls M5033
McCalls M6020
NewLook 6959

When looking for sizing of a pattern turn the pattern over to the back side and find the chart that has body measurments. You will of course have already measured yourself or the person you are making this for. You will buy the pattern in the size of the biggest measurement. For example if you have a 24" waist but your hips are 34". You will need to buy the size pattern that corresponds with your hips measurement. You will find the amount of fabric in yards that you will need to buy on that chart as well. There is a list of suggested fabrics for your garment and any notions you may need to complete the project.

Supplies Needed
Fabric for your garment, its best to use a light weight cotton for your first project since it is the easiest to work with. The fabric will need to be washed before coming to class
All notions for your garment, buttons, zipper, hook and eye
Thread in corresponding color to match fabric
Basic sewing supplies.
You will also need a place big enough to lay out pattern onto fabric and cut it out. A dining room table usually works quite well for this.