Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Double Trouble Baby Shower

This past Saturday was my niece Lindsay's baby shower.  We are so excited because she is having twin girls!! With all the boys around here some little girls make me very excited.  I only wish I lived closer, she lives in my hometown in upstate NY, :(.  Her sister Jenn was putting on the shower for her and after both of us scouring the internet and  looking around at local party supply stores, we found that there wasn't much out there in line of twin decorations.  So I made her a few things and shipped it up to her. 

A Double Trouble banner

A diaper cake -
notice the dolls on top, one with blonde hair like Daddy and one with brown like Mommy

cupcake centerpieces (my Niece Jenn stamped footprints in the middle of the circles)

and a skirt for my niece Nykesha (Jenn's daughter)

I have to fess up, I acutally made this as an outfit to wear for Easter but it didn't get shipped out in time so it became a shower outfit instead.   I bought a brown cardigan to go with it and added the same fabric roses.  Waiting for pictures of her in it from my sister, just know this could take awhile.  When I get more actual pictures and any other ideas they did I will post them. 

Praise God for YOU!!!
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Young Wife said...

Everything looks adorable! "Double Trouble" is a great theme.

Kristin said...

That diaper cake is incredible!