Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing machine review - part two

For the intermediate sewer these machines are great for someone with some experience or for a beginner that wants a machine to grow with. They are all electronic and offer special features for ease of operation if you are going to be using it often.

Brother - CS6000i online only$199.99Target, JoAnn,Best Buy
$184.76 Walmart
Automatic buttonhole feature,automatic needle threader, automatic bobin winder, reverse, auto needle postion up/down ( this is great for projects with lots of corners, it allows you to set the machine to stay in a up or down position when you stop) Rated top machine for intermediate machines by

Brother - CE 5000PRW $139.97 Walmart
5styles of 1 step buttonholer, good on thick fabric, auto needle threader, fast bobbin winding, quick set bobbin, auto needle postion up/down. This is part of the Project Runway series.

Singer Precision 7444 $199.99 JoAnn
50 stitch choices, 2fully automatic 1step buttonholer, free arm, auto tension. As I was reading through the consumer reviews most were good but there were a few that said the same thing that they had problems with the tension and had to have the bobbin case replaced because the needle kept hitting it, which was due to a timing problem.

Singer - EsteemII 2273 $129.99Target
Reverse, dial a stitch, built in thread cutter, instructional DVD, free arm, automatic buttonholer.

Like I said before I have not personally used any of these machine. I do know that both companies have been around forever and produce quality products. Both have fairly comparable products. You can also try going into your local quilt supply store, sewing machine store etc. They have very knowledgeable sales people, will let you try out the machines, as well may offer some intoductory classes to show you how to use the machine. Remember however they are paid by commision and they always going to say their product is the best. There are pros and cons to buying both places. Have fun and don't let it overwhelm you, you will most likely know right away if you like the machine you bought. If you don't you can always return, your not married to it.

Sewing maching review

Have you gone to the sewing machine store or local Walmart and been completely confused about which machine to get? Well your not alone, as I was going through the process I realized it is very confusing, they all seem the same after a while. After many hours on the computer I have compiled a list of machines I think would be a good buy for someone who is just starting out. Let me starty by saying I am not paid in any way shape or form by the manufacturer or retail stores. This also a review from my research of machines I found on the internet at our local stores and I have not personally used them myself. That being said here is what I found...

For the basic beginner who thinks all they will ever do is an occasional hemline or basic craft project here is a list of machines for you. Good machines for the money. Both companies have been around a very long time and improved their technology as time passed. I'm sure you all remember your mom or grandmother with an old all metal Singer or Brother that was permenantly fixed in a cabinet.

Brother - LX 3125 $79.97 @Walmart
lightweight and compact, 35 stitch function, automatic 4step buttonholer, quick winding bobbin, free arm, built in accessory storage, and instructional video

Brother - XL 2600i $114.00
this machine was recomended by for a beginner machine. They listed the top five machines at all levels.

Singer - Simple 2263 $89.97 Walmart
4 -step buttonholer, needle threader, free arm, lightweight and portable

Singer - Portable 2250 $89.99 Target
another great starter machine, same basic features

...see next post for intermediate machine reviews

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sewing Virgin Class

This class is geared toward the very purest, never touched a sewing machine beginner. I will start by helping you familiarize yourself with your machine, take you through a few basic seam techniques, sewing on a button, hemming basic pants/skirts/dresses, and finishing with a cute sewing clutch project to hold all your basic supplies. This is a 6hr course. It can be divided into two three hour increments or done all in one afternoon.

Cost $60.00 per person**

Supply list

Your own sewing machine with manual
spool of thread - any color white is the most versatile
package of sewing machine needles (look in your machine manual for specific needles for your machine)
Scissors - sharp only used for cutting fabric
package of straight pins - can have ball tops or not doesn't matter
tape measure
seam ripper
package of hand sewing needles - variety of sizes
3 ring binder

** I will offer a 20% discount if you are interested in hosting three or more friends in your home

Sewing Classes

So I've decided it would be fun to teach other people how to sew without ever leaving their own home. I feel it is such a lost skill, that is truly greatly needed. I have had many people come to me and say that they would love to learn how to hem pants or sew curtains for their home. Or they have been given a sewing machine but it has sat in the closet since they got it because they have no idea what to do with it. And worst of all they got their sewing machine, mastered how the general workings of the machine, bought all the supplies for their first project, started the project only to get frustrated at the second step in the pattern. If that describes any of you, you are not alone. I am offering several different classes from never touched a sewing machine beginner to intermediate garment construction and a few fun things along the way. In the following posts you will find the list of classes, the cost for each class and a general list of supplies. Happy sewing everyone!! Email me if you are interested in taking one of my classes