Friday, June 11, 2010

Dresser Hardware Upcycle

Ok I had one of those "DUH!" moments.  I have been slowly redecorating my bedroom, or should I say finally getting around to doing something in our room for a change.  It seems I have decorated every other room in the house but our bedroom always came up last.  So one weekend while my husband went on a fishing trip I thought I would surprise him with painting the bedroom, and changing it around a bit.  Well I bit off way more than I could chew.  But its coming along, I'll be posting more about that later. 

Anyhow my "DUH!" moment happened when I painted our dressers.  Originally they were stained but with the wood floor it clashed in color.  Besides I painted the walls a Tiffany blue and the stained oak color just didn't do it for me.  So I thought I would paint them black, oh my gosh they look fabulous.  The problem was with the hardware, they had black hardware on them.  So I thought I would go buy more modern hardware, in a stainless or those really cute glass knobs.  Problem being that they cost a fortune and I'm just too cheap to spend that much on new knobs.  Sooooo it dawned on me one day, HELLO spray paint them!  After all I liked the shape of the old hardware so why not? 

This was them before, perfecty fine hardware just not on a black dresser.

First I put on a coat of Rust-Oleum Hammered spray paint in a stainless/silver color.
Then I applied an acrylic black, and rubbed it off before it dried so it was just left in the creveses.  Then a top coat of clear sealer.  Voila!!

Check it out, what do you think?  I saved approx. $100 for both dressers.  Pretty proud of myself :)

Praise God for YOU!!!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Window

Well here it is.  It's not perfect probably needs some paint and maybe some trim.  But I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.  I'll have to get that handsome carpenter guy I live with to help me out with that.  hehe.  He loves when I come up with new projects for him to do.  NOT!  When we were getting the hinges I was eye balling some old doors I want to use for another project.  He was quite as excited as I was. 
It is four six paned windows on the bottom hinged together by old door hinges. 

the top is two four paned windows hinged up so they meet at the center a form a peak.  I tried to clean them but apparently they still need a good wiping. 

Don't you just love hydrangeas?  I have finally got some to bloom this year.  They grow beatifully all over Tallahassee but just not where we live.  As you can see from the picture above we have very sandy soil, the rest of Tallahassee has that beautiful red clay that holds lots of nutrients. 

This poor little plant bllow has a sweet story.  I planted two hydrangeas some years ago and each year I get a few leaves and nothing else.  This past year we had a lot of frost and I thought I lost them for good this time.  One came back just fine (still no blossoms though) and the other was just sticks.  I dug it up and thought it was going to be hopeless, but I noticed a little bit of green on one of those sticks, I thought there must be life left in this poor thing after all.  I stuck it in an old pot I had sitting around and put some dirt in it, gave it some water and within a week leaves started to sprout.  I will have to admit the blossoms are from a new plant I bought this year.  I cut a couple off the other plant and stuck them in this one for photo purposes. 

I can't wait to put that coat of paint on it and bring it in the house.  I have a perfect spot for it, right next to my computer so I can admire it every time I'm talking with my blog friends. 

Punkin Seed Productions

Creations by Kara

Praise God for YOU!!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

House Keeping

   Here's a little run down of what's going on in the Wood household these days.

  The next few weeks I am going to be tweeking with a few things to make my blog a little better.  I am learning so much from fellow bloggers.  Praise God there are so many of you willing to share your knowledge.  Some things are so easy to change and others are a bit complicated, but in all most people can do it if you just have some confidence and are willing to put the time into it.  Right now I'm working on a new header, there is a great post on it using Picassa over at Clover Lane.  Now I'm just trying to get the right pictures use.  So if you stop by and think your in the wrong place just look again there have just been some changes made. 

    The first day of summer break is here, with three boys at home (one being 13) my cupboards are already bare and I've already heard "I'm bored, what are we doing today?" "What are we doing tomorrow?"  "Are we going to do anything this summer?"  But between entertaining I should be able to get some work done.  I'm thinking of teaching one of them how to use the computer and do some filing, ha.  As Bill Cosby said "there is no such thing as a democracy in this house"  lol  Maybe they won't be so bored if I put them to work, he he.  No seriously I can't complain too much, they are going to leave for three weeks this summer to visit my husband's family in southern FL.  I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself, I'm going to miss them.  I'm relying on my new blogger friends to keep me company, hehe.  I promise not to stalk you... well not too much anyway. 

    Don't forget about Wednesday's Window this week.  We've been working hard on getting it ready for you.  I saw this idea at a local salvage shop and thought oooh I got to have one.  I'll give you a small hint, it combines two loves of mine, old windows and gardening.  I know you just can't wait.  Don't forget I'm always looking for new ideas for repurposing old windows.  If you have an old window you've repurposed I would love to feature you.  Just email me, or leave a comment. 
    Well I better feed the natives before they start to eat me.  One good thing about summer is the lack of schedule, whoo hooo!!

Praise God for YOU!!!
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday's Window

It's that time again.  I don't have my newest project completed so I thought I would show you an old one.  After of course scouring down each window with bleach, these I put a coat of semi-gloss exterior paint.  I then went to town with Delta Perm-Enamel glass paint.  This paint does not have to be dried in an oven or kiln and clean up with water.  The only prep is to clean the glass with alchohol before painting. 

Thought this would be cute for a little princess room.

 My Mom is in love with roosters so this was for her but it someone else loved roosters just as much and I ended up selling it.  Sorry Mom

and I thought these were just too cute to hang for Christmas decoarations. 

Enjoy your week, hope to see you back again next Wednesday.  Its our last week of school around here so it is kind of hectic.  As always just email me if you would be interested in sharing your widonw redo ideas. 

Praise God for YOU!!!
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