Friday, March 4, 2011

Double Trouble/ twin gift

I never did get to introduce you to "Double Trouble"   They were born on May 27th, 2010.  A few weeks early but ready for the world.  They are now nine months and actually a little overweight but that's ok.  I'm sure once they start cruisin around that baby weight won't stay on long. lol  I've never actually met them only through pictures and video chat.  :(

Zyleigh and Sophia
this was taken soon after they first came home

and this is them now
I think the one on the left is Sophia and the one on the right is Zyleigh but I'll have to check with their Momma.  I can't wait for the day to kiss their little cheeks. 

So a month or so ago I found these shirts on clearance and had to get them.  If only they had shirts with "Great" Aunt on them.  Oh well.  Anyhow I searched and searched and racked my brain trying to figure out what to get to go with them.  I didn't know whether to go frilly and over the top or sweet country calico.  After seeing some really cute tutorials online for tutus I thought what the heck how often do I get to make "girly" things.  Like Never!  

So here they are 

I could not believe how easy the tutus were to make.

Made some cute little headbands to match

 I was so excited that I found the little tites at the Gap on clearance

Here they are in their pretty ballerinas in their pretty outfits!!


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Praise God for YOU!!!
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Audra said...

How CUTE! They are just a few days younger than my little Scrunchie boy! Goodness - those outfits make me long for a little girl someday!

Curly said...

Love it!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

How freaking cute are they!!! I'm dying over here. You did an awesome job! Love!