Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring fever

I know for most of you in this country you can't wait till spring, cant wait to see green grass and frankly no more white stuff.  I know too well how you feel, that's why I moved south.  Ha! Anyhow we do have a change of seasons here in Tallahassee, everything gets brown, trees lose their leaves and it rains alot during the winter months.  I have been cooped up with two sick children as well as myself this week so I've been really jonesin for some spring weather.  Well it has arrived the sun is shining, temperatures are hovering around 70'.  Oh but I'm still cooped up with the sick kids so what better to do on a day like today. 
 Window shop on the internet. 

Take a look at what I found just waiting to be knocked off. 

Couldn't you just see a cheapo pair from Target all bejeweled?  Bet I can beat 80bucks, yikes!
Loving the turqouise and brown, I think I might add some turqoise goodness to my brown wedges. 

and these were just fun and sasssy!!  Love the red ones with a yellow polka dot dress.  Mmmmm now where to find a yellow polka dot dress that doesn't make me look as huge as the sun itself. 

and these well they are just wrong, are they sandles? are they a boot?  Yuck they are just ugly, sorry if I offended anyone, that's just my opinion. 

Well that's all for my window shopping for sandles now onto sundresses.  I may just have to break down and something for myself for a change.  I"m thinking some pretty springy printed fabric (possibly polka dot,huh?), maybe in yellow, or celery green.  Ohh or a pretty cornflower blue, or bright coral.   Its been a while since I have been fabric shoppin, I bet Michael Miller has something just waiting for me.
What style???? Some sort of wrap dress, full at the bottom, maybe halter top, or maybe strapless with a retro bolero jacket, cute little cap sleeve.  Oh maybe I'll make two, hehe.  One at a time Kirsten, one at a time. 

Ok back to reality I have to actually be able to find my thread in my studio right now so it off to purge and organize. 

Ahh I will embrace spring for all it has in store.  It will be 100' degrees before I know it.  So I open my windows and let the sun shine in. 

Praise God for YOU!!!
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Michelle said...

I love bejeweled and bedazzled shoes so I can't wait to see your knock-off creations. My niece wanted a pair of bedazzled, rhinestone Ed Hardy tennies ($150) and for about $15 plus the shoes which I found at DWS for $40, I made her a killer pair. They blew the store version away! So fun!