Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organization Challenge

Well my organization challenge is not starting out the best.  I made my list but as usual life has gotten in the way of my planning.  Guess thats why I don't plan that much, lol.  Anyhow I'm not going to dwell on that I"m moving forward.  I was going to start in my bedroom but the office demanded attention.  We were having major problems with our phone line and needed a technician to come work on the line.  Well I couldn't have him come out and look at the tangled mess that was border line health hazard.  Like always I forgot take a true before picture but here is a sample of the mess I had

So in an attempt to corral all those cords I took a shoe box and covered it with some contact shelf paper I had laying around. 

This is the final product, not perfect but it hopefully will keep all the dust, dirt and unknown objects from getting tangled. 

Please excuse my very worn and outdated vinyl floor that needs to be replaced.

While I was on a roll I also covered a bottom of a cereal box to add to the front of my silver ware drawer.  I was tired of things slipping under the drawer organizer and not being able to shut the drawer. 

Well happy organizing, let me know if you have taken on the challenge too.

Praise God for YOU!!!
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Kat said...

Hey there, nice job on the covered shoe box! You can also use paper towel tubes. Roll a piece of contact paper around it, slit it down the side, then tuck wires inside. Secure with a couple peices of scotch tape. Viola!

Anonymous said...

I had to rehook up my logicam and what a mess the computer lines were. Nice job!

Organize with Sandy said...

good idea for the cords.
I also like the cereal box idea for the drawers.
I found your blog from I"m an Organizing Junkie.
I'd love for you to visit my Organizing Monday link party and link up your posts. I am keeping it open all month for office posts.. but any are fine. thanks
Giving you the link since I'm not on blogger.

Organize with Sandy said...

Thanks for linking up to my link party. Your link wasn't working... but I got it adjusted for you.. so should be good. :)