Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dishwasher Lemonade

No its not a new way to make lemonade in your dishwasher. Its actually one of the most amazing new things that I have discovered recently. Over at My Frugal Lifestyle was a post about putting Kool Aid Lemonde in your dishwasher to clean it out. I will preface with I was very skeptical, I mean really Kool Aid is going to clean out all the deposits in my dishwasher and my dishes are going to sparkle again? But I thought is was worth the 20 cents for the package of lemonade. I could not believe the difference it made, I was completely blown away with the results. I tried to take a picture of how my glasses came out but I am not the best photographer but you get the idea.

You can sort of see the spots on the before glass on the left and the sparkle on the right. I was becoming so frustrated because my dishes were coming out dirtier than when I put them in. I just added one packet of the Kool Aid Lemonade (it was said that a store brand works also) and about two teaspoons of baking soda to the soap dispenser and ran it through a cycle without any dishes. The article said to use baking soda if you have not cleaned out your dishwasher in awhile or ever. Which was my case, I had used Jet Dry in other dishwashers but just not in this one. I had read about using those dishwasher cleaners but frankly it was just never in the budget, or better yet it never I was too cheap to buy them. I just had to share this wonderful new discovery with you. Thank you My Frugal Lifestyle. Planning on making some laundry soap next, as soon as I find all the products to make it, having some problems finding them.

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