Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Spring!!!

I know its been awhile since my last post but I have a short recap for you of what's been going on. I guess I'll kind of work with the present and work my way backward. Due to the fact that I can not button not one pair of my pants I am on day two of detoxifying and working out. Oh my goodness I thought I was going to die yesterday. How on earth could I let myself go like that? We all know it gets harder and harder to lose weight the older you get yet I have sat complacent for way too long, I haven't been myself since my youngest was born but I was at least able to maintain one size, even if it wasn't the size I wanted to be. I just couldn't take it, now it is getting warmer and my INNER thighs have cellulite on them. I know that's a pretty picture to paint isn't it? I'll be sure to check back with you all in a couple of days just to let you know that I haven't died, lol. Well the rest of this post will explain what has brought me to this point.

We have planted a garden, well we have started planting a garden. We are so proud of it, we have had intentions of starting a garden ever since we moved into our house seven years ago. After having a third child and very busy schedule it just didn't ever happen. Well since my youngest has started kindergarten and we have been spending more time at home we thought now was the best time. A friend of ours came over to till the soil with his rotatiller, and the first thing we decided we needed to do was put a fence around it. Why you might ask? Some may think it is to keep the wild critters out, nope not us. As soon as the first patch of dirt was dug up both our lovely dogs were there laying in it looking like big ole pigs. They're a mess, literally. This past weekend we planted some tomatoes and cucumber and are just waiting on the rest of our seeds to sprout.

There's nothing better than digging your hands in the dirt and seeing watching life grow. Look how awesome it is to see those cute little seedlings peeking up above the soil.

I had to share these photos. The first week of my weight loss includes protein shakes, egg whites, oatmeal, chicken breast or fish and lots of veggies. So that being said I was in need a new blender. The old one had ground up dog food for our puppies we had and had just seen better days. So I found one on clearance at Walmart not expecting much since there were a lot better models there. When I got it home to make my first shake I was amazed at how fast and well it ground up the ice cubes. With my old one (before the dog food) I had to take a few ice cubes at a time and put them in a baggy and crush them up with a butter knife. Then add them to my shake mixture and still I would have large chunks that never would grind. This one I just put in my liquid, add whole ice cubes and push the button. I see life through new eyes now.

I'm not quite sure why one of those pictures came on there twice and I can't seem to figure out how to delete it so for now enjoy by little darlings twice. I have had to get everyone on board eating healthy so I thought since I have to this fancy new blender I guess smoothies would make a great after school snack. It's good for them and it keeps me from watching them eat cookies, Little Debbie snacks and all that other bad stuff. I made more when my oldest came home from middle school but he wasn't so cooperative about having his picture taken. URGGH middle schoolers!!
The weather here has turned gorgeous, thank God. I've had the windows open and loving the fresh air. While I was writing this I heard this strange noise and I thought what on earth is that. LOL it was my air conditioner turning on, it has been so long since I have heard it I forgot what it sounded like. The younger two boys have started baseball, we get uniforms on Thursday so I'll post some pictures then. I have also been finishing a project I started last fall, refinishing our dining room table. It was before I started blogging so I dont have before pictures I'll just have to post the after ones. I'll give you the background on it then.

I know I told you that you would see the spring line soon, I didn't lie, I'm working on it. I'm also working on the sewing 101 post. You'll see them both very soon.

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