Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Doris Today?

Why Doris Today you might ask? Well let me give you the shortened version of my journey of naming my business. I started with figuring out what my shop would look like and what it would feel like. My designs all have a classic retro flare to them but are made for fun modern day living. I've always been a vintage soul at heart so that comes out in my designs. I know I wanted to start with a line of aprons but I didnt' want to be cornered by that. You never know where my mind will end up next. Wait till you see my line of handbags, totes, and many other accesories. Doris Day seems to emcompass all of what I wanted my business to be. Yes she was wholesome and beautiful but she was also multitalented being able to sing, dance, and act all the while raising her family. Doesn't that sound just like a modern day woman? Whether we work full time or work at home full time, whether we have children or not, we are always juggling several things at once. And who doesn't like to look good doing it?

So your next question might be why aprons? Well let me explain, this is not your Grandma's apron. Our aprons have more style and much more figure flattering. To quote fashion and textile designer, Amy Butler, "Aprons are so much more than splash guards. In my opinion they are to daily fashion what pillows are to interiors." I could not have said it better. Whether you are protecting your clothes or spicing up an outfit aprons are a must have to any wardrobe. Especially a Doris Today apron. All my aprons are a tribute to women who have inspiried me in my life. If you don't see your name featured yet, stay tuned its coming.

Please check back regularly to see what else I have come up with. If you don't like exactly what you see here and would like something custom made just email me at and we will work it out.

Thanks again for stopping by and being part of my new adventure.

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